Treatments offered

Lymphoedema Care

FG-MLD ‘Fill and Flush’ Manual Lymphatic Drainage.  A hands-on session to move fluid in the tissues to working lymphatic nodes and to deep lymphatic pathways

Self-management strategies

Guidance on compression garments

Advice on activity and specific exercise

Skin care education

Scar Tissue & Injury Care

Hands on scar tissue modulation techniques

Myofascial/connective tissue release

Kinesio taping

Soft tissue massage and trigger point treatments

THOR ® Laser/LED – low level laser therapy

I follow a continuous professional development programme so will adapt and include new techniques and treatment options as clinically appropriate.


Each session is normally for 1 hour and is currently charged at £50. Sessions for 30 minutes may be appropriate, depending on the treatment required, and are currently charged at £25.

Shorter treatments for THOR ® Laser/LED only are charged at £15.