Treatments offered

Lymphoedema Care

FG-MLD ‘Fill and Flush’ Manual Lymphatic Drainage.  A hands-on session to move fluid in the tissues to working lymphatic nodes and to deep lymphatic pathways

Scar tissue management

Soft tissue release

Joint range of movement treatments

Scar Tissue Care

Soft tissue release techniques

Myofascial mobility

Self management education

Respiratory Care

A wide variety of airway clearance techniques

Breathing control and Postural re-education

Soft tissue treatments to allow the rib cage, muscles and diaphragm to work most effectively

Management of disordered breathing patterns

Relaxation strategies including the use of massage therapy

Advice on managing activities of daily living and strategies to enable clients to achieve their personal goals


Each session is for 1 hour and is currently charged at £50. Sessions for 30 minutes may be appropriate depending on the treatment required and are currently charged at £25.